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Today's YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY question comes from Lauren, who needs some advice on what to serve at her Halloween party.  Check it out:

Dear AFOMFT, I'm throwing a "Monster Mash Halloween Bash" for my daughter's playgroup on Friday and I've spent so much time focused on the decorations that I haven't given any thought to what I should serve!  Do you have any suggestions for kid-friendly food that fits the theme?

Do I?  More like where should I start?  How about with this great Finger Dip

Not only is it scarily good looking, but it's also good for you.  Can't go wrong with that!

Apple Bites are another easy and eerie option.

And I'm sure your daughter and her friends will devour these Pizza Mummies in no time:

Recipes for all of the above can be found on Family Fun.

But we're not done yet!  This Snake Sandwich from Better Homes & Garden will be a crowd pleaser for sure.

What to drink?  Martha Stewart's Boo-nilla Milkshakes of course!

The faces on these yummy whipped-cream topped confections are made from melted chocolate.  Yummo.

Those shakes may be sweet but what kind of a party food post would this be without dessert?  Rachael Ray came up with these twisted, but I'm sure quite tasty, Buried Alive Muffins:

And while we're talking muffins, check out the Brain version from the lovely ladies at Prudent Baby:

Last but not least come some spooky Spider Cupcakes from the magnificent Bakerella.

She's got a whole bunch of other sweet spidey treats on her site but these cupcakes are so simple that even a non-baker like me could pull them off. 

And I know you didn't ask about favors, Lauren, but I saw these adorable Halloween Paper Dolls from Babalisme and couldn't resist sharing them.

One of her readers suggested using them as placemats while Amanda from Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie adhered the doll to a cookie sheet and made magnets out of the clothes. So fun!  You can download the dolls for free at Babalisme
Lauren, I hope your Monster Mash Halloween Bash is spooktacular!  Take lots of pictures and be sure to send a few our way so we can feature your party on AFOMFT!

Do you have a question for A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS? You're in luck because every Tuesday, our readers are in the driver's seat!  Have a room you want to show off?  What about some projects from your child's party you want to share?  Shoot me an e-mail at afomft@gmail.com if there's something you love and want to tell us about or if you're on the hunt for the perfect product and just can't find it. And every reader featured on YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY will receive a special gift from AFOMFT. What are you waiting for? Hit us up!

Images: Family Fun, Better Homes & Garden, Rachael Ray, Prudent Baby, Bakerella, Babalisme
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