Thursday, October 8, 2009

TDF THURSDAY: Easy Peasy Halloween Projects

When I sat down to write today's post, I realized that every day of the week here on AFOMFT has a theme except for Thursday.  There's MULTIPLES MONDAY, YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY, FAVORITE WEBSITE WEDNESDAY and FABULOUS MOM FRIDAY.  So what to do with Thursday?  Since I'm obviously a fan of alliteration, I've decided to go with TO DIE FOR THURSDAY where I'll highlight my must have products and projects.  And away we go!

Today I'm dying over simple and inexpensive Halloween crafts you can do with your kids.  You can tackle these projects now or at Halloween parties later this month (they'd also make great decorations for any spooky soirees you have planned - there I go with that alliteration again!).  First up is super scary Shrunken Apple Heads:

I remember making these when I was a little kid and they were so easy.  You just need three ingredients...

Some creativity....

And you're good to go!  The key is that you need to let them dry for 1-2 weeks so you have to get these babies started now so they're appropriately shriveled by Halloween.  I loved watching the heads shrink and change every day and I'm sure your kids will too.  Get the step by step instructions at the fabulous site Our Best Bites.

Up next is this amazing alternative to carving your pumpkin - Felt Faced Pumpkins!

Inspired by these pumpkins from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog....

Crafty Lindsay from Living with Lindsay came up with her own Build-a-Pumpkin templates....

And replicated the PBK versions almost exactly for a fraction of the price.  Your kids will love getting creative with all of the fun felt pieces and this is a simple way to decorate pumpkins that doesn't involve sharp blades.  Download the templates and check out the full tutorial at Living with Lindsay.

I've got one more TDF idea for you today.  Making these Jar-A-Lanterns (as I like to call them) from Not So Idle Hands is not only fun but also eco-friendly.

All you need for this project is some varied sized glass jars (you know you have a bunch of these in your recycling bin!), orange tissue paper, Modge Podge, green paint and some black paper. Use Modge Podge to apply the tissue paper:

Cut out some face parts from the black paper and glue them on:


Paint the tops:


And you have some spooky Jar-A-Lanterns of your very own!  To make this project even more kid-friendly, string some Christmas lights through the jars instead of using candles to illuminate them.  Check out Not So Idle Hands for the complete how to. 

Think you'll try one of these Easy Peasy Halloween Projects?  Want to see more or have one of your own you'd like to share?  Post a comment and let us know!  And if you do make something we mentioned here, be sure to send us pictures so we can give you a shoutout here on AFOMFT

Images: Our Best Bites, Living With Lindsay, Pottery Barn Kids, Not So Idle Hands
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  1. Oh wow! These are great ideas! I love the jars and can't wait to try the apples.


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