Monday, October 26, 2009


I did some shopping this weekend and couldn't believe my eyes - holiday displays were everywhere!  Last time I checked, it was still October, but despite this seemingly important fact, Halloween has already been brushed aside (and the costumes highly discounted so if you haven't already gotten one for your child, hit BRU or Children's Place for more than 50% off!) and Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah have taken center stage. 
Which means if you're anything like me, you'll soon be on a quest for the perfect holiday apparel for your little ones.  And after you find the appropriately festive ensembles, fear will set in - how long will those overpriced outfits stay perfect?  Like most toddlers, my girls are messy eaters, but I hate to cover their cute clothes with ugly bibs.  And then I found these:

I'm totally getting two of the Necklace Bibs for Gabrielle and Alaina to wear over their holiday duds.  How great is the glittery fabric on the beads?!

And if you have boys, the Tuxedo Bib will ensure they're dapperly dressed for any occasion.

So visit NeverEver and worries about your kids ruining their festive finery will be a thing of the past!  Wearing these cute bibs, your little ones will be on Santa's nice list this holiday season for sure.

Speaking of lists, the Lord and Lady Bib Set would be a great holiday gift for boy/girl twins if you want to add it to yours.  I'm just saying....

Images: NeverEver
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  1. Beautiful and it's a great choice for a gift.

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