Monday, October 12, 2009


I usually answer reader questions on YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY but I got two e-mails last week from MoMs (Mothers of Multiples for all of you singleton parents out there!) with a similar theme so I'm going to reply to both today.  The first comes from Barbara in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Dear AFOMFT, I'm so excited to take my 8 month old twins, Jack and Tessa, to the pumpkin patch for pictures.  I bought little pumpkin hats for them to wear but when I tried them on the kids, it was a disaster.  Any other ideas for something I can dress them in for cute fall photos?

The second e-mail is from Alexa in Sarasota, Florida:

Dear AFOMFT, We're having professional family photos done this month for our Christmas cards and I'm having trouble picking out outfits for my twins.  I bought my daughter, Jane, the cutest tutu to wear but I have no idea what to put on her brother, Tyler, that will go with it.  They're 6 months old.

Looks like it's officially photo op season!  I always have the hardest time choosing outfits when I take Gabrielle and Alaina for pictures so Barbara and Alexa, I feel your pain.  Hopefully these suggestions will help.

I have to admit I am totally envious of all of the adorable pictures I've been seeing of babies in knit pumpkin hats.  They are so so so cute but I know Gabrielle and Alaina would rather eat dirt (maybe not the best example since they like to do that anyway but you get the gist) than wear hats.  So Barbara, we're in the same boat.  And when I saw this adorable pumpkin onesie from veryKIKI, I knew it was the answer for both of us.

These onesies would look so adorable paired with brown cords or jeans on Jack and a denim skirt with tights on Tessa.  Plus the price is right - at $13 each, you won't be breaking the bank for something they won't be wearing very long and you won't care if they get a little dirty while your munchkins play in the pumpkin patch.  I dressed Gabrielle & Alaina up for our farm visit yesterday in adorable dresses my mother knit and I'm still picking pieces of hay out of them.


I'm planning on taking some more photos of the girls with our Jack-a-Lanterns once we carve them and this time, they'll be wearing veryKIKI's pumpkin onesies for sure.  Hopefully you like them as much as I do!

Alexa, there's nothing cuter than a little girl dressed up in a tutu!  But I know you want Tyler to stand out too so why not put your little man in a tie onesie?

I bought one of veryKIKI's tie tops for a friend as a baby gift.  Not only was it absolutely adorable in person but the quality was terrific.  You can request long or short sleeves and there are a bunch of fabrics to choose from so you'll be able to coordinate Tyler's tie with Jane's tutu.

Wearing this onesie and a cute pair of pants, Tyler will be just as stylish as his sister.  And hopefully, you'll have the perfect holiday portrait! 

Good luck with your photos, ladies, and be sure to send some when you're done so we can feature Jack, Tessa, Jane and Tyler on AFOMFT!

Looking for super cute onesies at a super sweet price?  Head on over to veryKIKI.  She's got great designs for girls and boys and readers of AFOMFT can save 15% off all purchases.  Just enter "FAVORITE" in the message to seller box and the discount will be refunded to you after you check out. This coupon code does not apply to shipping costs and is good until October 31st. Stock up on holiday gifts and adorable outfits for your little ones now!

Images: veryKIKI
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