Monday, October 5, 2009

Toot, Toot!

Yes, that would be the sound of me with my own horn.  I am so excited to announce that AFOMFT was nominated as Best New Blog in the First Annual Multiples and More Blog Awards!  If you're not familiar with Multiples and More, it's an amazing blog network where families of multiples can connect with others they would otherwise never have met, find people who've had similar experiences, and learn from those who've had different ones.  Run by two MoMs, they feature amazing new content every day, from interviews with experts and product reviews to guest bloggers and great giveaways.  If you're a MoM or MoM-to-be, you have to check out Multiples and More. And even if you're not, I guarantee you'll find something that catches your eye too.  And while you're visiting, be sure to scroll down and look to the right of the site to cast your vote for AFOMFT in the First Annual Multiples and More Blog Awards!  Voting ends in two days.

Image: Multiples and More
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