Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think it's safe to say that you can lump Martha Stewart in with Brussels sprouts, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Sandra Bullock movies -- you either love 'em or you hate 'em.  Me?  I'm not ashamed to admit that I subscribed to Martha Stewart Weddings long before I was engaged (truth be told, I started subscribing before I'd even met my wonderful husband but I digress....).  And I can't help myself - I religiously tear recipes out of Everyday Food even though I know I'll probably never make them (Grilled Branzino?  Sure it sounds delicious but I live in NYC and don't eat fish - when the heck will I grill Branzino?).  I just love all of the wacky, wonderful and waste-of-time projects and recipes Martha comes up with, and there's something about reading her books and magazines (as big of a fan as I am, I can't stand her TV show) that motivates me to try to be creative.  So today, on FAVORTIE WEBSITE WEDNESDAY, I'm going to share one of my daily sources of Martha-spiration, a blog run by her crafting team, aptly called The Crafts Dept.

As you may have guessed, The Crafts Dept. features a ton of terrific projects.  Some of my faves that I've bookmarked are DIY Hoodie Halloween Costumes:

A great Leaf Printing tutorial that's perfect for kids to do this fall:


And Fun Ways to Use Paper Punches:

But The Crafts Dept. is a lot more than just a bunch of how tos.  You also get a behind-the-scenes peek into what goes on while the team plans the projects for Martha as well as the inside scoop on where they find all of their fun supplies.  Whether you're a Martha fanatic or not, you're sure to find inspiration from this fantastic blog.  And really?  Isn't life a little brighter when there's some Martha in it?

Images: The Crafts Dept.
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  1. I like the crafts you made, beautiful.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing that blog, definitely some cute stuff there. It's funny how the internet has evolved celebrities as a whole, we suddenly get to see lots of behind the scenes things that weren't available ten years ago. :)

  3. congrats on your Shout out!!! great blog! Were did you get the tw-in shirts that your twin girls are wearing? Or did you make them?I gotta have two!

  4. Olga, you can find info on the twin shorts (and a discount code!) here -

  5. What a great website:) Love the Halloween costume hoodie- that is genius!


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