Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something to Chew On {DISCOUNT}

For the past three months, we've been going through the oh so joyful teething process with Gabrielle and Alaina. In that time, we've managed to amass more teething toys than you can possibly imagine. A few seem to soothe them -- Sophie the Giraffe and the RaZbaby RaZberry are two favorites -- but most of them were used once and are now collecting dust in the kitchen cabinet. But there's one teether that gets huge thumbs up from the girls and their mama -- the Organic Teething Rings from Etsy seller locoMOmomma.

Gee, can you tell Gabrielle & Alaina love them?

What I love about these rings is that the links are crocheted with a double layer of 100% organic cotton that has been grown, spun and dyed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. After the whole BPA drama, it's a relief to find something for the girls to chew on that isn't plastic like all the other teething toys out there. I also like that the rings can be soaked in water and chilled which is great for when the pain really kicks in. And locoMOmomma sells a Baby Linker which allows you to attach the rings to a stroller or car seat (I can't tell you how many times I've roamed the streets of New York City looking for a something that's been tossed out of our stroller!) or to another toy.

What toy would you connect the rings to? I'm a huge fan of locoMOmomma's coordinating organic animal rattles, another great eco-friendly crocheted product she has listed in her store.

And not only are the Organic Teething Rings eco-friendly, they're totally customizable. You choose how many links you want and design your set from the 13 color options. And best of all, the prices start at just $7. Less than $10 to save your sanity during teething time? That's my kind of bargain!

And the bargain is about to get better! locoMOmomma has graciously offered readers of AFOMFT 15% off of anything in her shop. Just enter "mybabyfaves" in the message to seller when you checkout and the discount will be refunded to you. This coupon code does not apply to shipping costs and cannot be combined with any other offer. I'm planning on stocking up on her adorable animal rattles and teething rings for shower and baby gifts. How about you?

Images: AFOMFT & locoMOmomma
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  1. Those look awesome- thanks for sharing! And congrats for being nominated for Best New Blog on Multiples and More:)

  2. Those are so cute! Visiting from MCB now following!

  3. Can't wait to get my rings for Chloe! Thanks, Danielle!

  4. I am going to try this. We are having a horrible time with teething, nothing seems to make him feel better.

    Also visiting from MBC! :)

  5. These rings looks great and your kids sure seem to like them! Cute pics! Thanks so much for the follow on my blog. I am following you back and look forward to returning! :)

  6. Visiting from MBC -I've never seen anything like these before...Etsy has so many great finds -thanks so much for sharing :)


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