Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm by no means a crafty person. I like to think I can tackle lots of fun projects but truth be told, I usually end up spending more on wasted materials than I would have if I just bought whatever I'm trying to make. Which is exactly why one of my favorite website finds is Dollar Store Crafts.

All of their projects are made with items you can buy at the Dollar Store so even if you mess up multiple times like I usually do, you won't spend a fortune. Who knew there were so many cute things you can create for $5 or less?! Like these great Make-Your-Own Clothing Labels:

They're so easy to make and would be the perfect addition to clothes you sew, scarves you knit or even just as name tags in your children's clothing. And check out this Crayon Monogram:

The ones pictures here were designed them as teacher gifts but I think they'd be the perfect addition to a child's bedroom or play room.
There's lots more where these came from so click on over to Dollar Store Crafts and get ready to get your craft on!

Images: Dollar Store Crafts
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  1. Thanks for the love!! And awww, what a cute pair of babies! :)

  2. I love the crayon initials!!! what a great find!!! :)

    I don't want to enter your giveaways since well, I can't! (a- I don't have names for the boys for the book giveaway and b- my walls are just not decal friendly)...

    BUT I had to post that I LOVE what you did on top of the girls' closet!!! So so so cute!!!

    I added your button to my blog and even made a post about your new blog ;) Not sure if you saw it ;))



Thanks for the love!