Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm very excited about this new feature on AFOMFT.   There are always so many fun, random things that I want to share with you guys but I never seem to have the right place to do it.  Now I do!

Drink I'm Loving:  Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade (aka Alcoholic Arnold Palmer).  I first had this during a girl's trip to New Orleans last year and it's a refreshing drink that's just perfect for summer.  I highly suggest you use Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka if you want to make these at home.

Books I'm Loving:  I've been tearing through books on my iPad Kindle app this summer and some of my favorites so far have been Bossypants by Tina Fey (a must-read for everyone!), Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran (great historical fiction about the French Revolution) and The Paris Wife by Paula McLean (a fictional account of the life of Ernest Hemingway's first wife).

App I'm Loving:  Speaking of iPads, if you have one you have to try out Zite, a free app that takes your interests and collects relevant articles from around the web to create your own personalized online magazine.  I'm hooked!

Recipe I'm Loving:  Cinnamon Broiled Chicken with Raita from Everyday Food.  I've been making this for a while but it's always a hit and so simple to pull off that it stays on my "love" list.

TV Show I'm Loving:  HGTV's Holmes Inspection.  My husband and I have been fans of Mike Holmes for years (we've seen every episode of Holmes on Homes at least twice) so we never miss his newest series.  Although I have to admit that as new home owners, it always makes me nervous we have hidden water damage somewhere or a faulty foundation!  I wonder if Mike would be up for a trip to Rhode Island to make me feel better?

Website I'm Loving:  Copy Cat Chic is one my favorite reads each day, especially now that I'm on a decorating kick.  Reichel finds less expensive versions of some amazing goodies for your home, like this PBK Boat Bed, which is $1,299:

And this KidKraft Bed, just $149!

Makeup I'm Loving:  Nars Orgasm lip gloss is the world's perfect pink!  It's not a sticky consistency and the color looks natural on everyone.

Kids Toy I'm (or should I say "We're") Loving:  Lately, the girls are obsessed with cars, specifically the ones from Little People.  Our next purchase will definitely be the Little People Racin' Ramps Garage, so they have somewhere to put them all!

Craft Idea I'm Loving:  I can't wait to make some of these stitched leather bracelets from Crafty Nest!

Funny I'm Loving:  This gave me a good giggle.

I'd love to hear about the things you're loving right now!  Share the app, movie, book, craft idea, TV show, whatever that's got you giddy in the comments and your picks might be included in next week's TEN ON TUESDAY feature.

Please note that this list is made up of things I actually use, read, watch, try, etc. and truly enjoy.  These opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way to share them here.
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  1. I love Arnold Palmers, but without the Vodka please lol. I love Tina Fey's Bossypants. I am also loving your funny, too cute!


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