Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Pumpkin

We've got a trip to the pumpkin patch planned which has me thinking about how to decorate the ones we bring home.  These Monogrammed Pumpkins caught my eye because they remind me of something you'd see in a Pottery Barn catalog.

I always love some glitz and glam so this Pearl Encrusted Pumpkin is right up my alley.

A little bedazzling makes this Sequined Version sparkle.

And ribbon and Ric Rac give this pumpkin some pizzazz.

I could transform ours into something more utilitarian like the Lantern-o-Treats.

Or this Ravenous Pumpkin.

But maybe recycling some scraps into a Junk-o-Lantern is the way to go.

Or I could just dress the pumpkins up in costumes.  But which one?  A silly spider?

Humpty Dumpty?

This scarecrow is fun!

And the mummy is easy.

Witches are appropriate.

But so are bats.

And the Frank-N-Friend!

They're all so cute that it's almost impossible to decide!  Maybe I'll just cover mine in chalkboard paint so I can transform them into something new every day....

Images: Sweet Nothings, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, Family Fun &Real Simple
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  1. Omgosh what a great collection of ideas in one place ! So Glad I caught this one in my reader before it passed!!

  2. I will be referring back to this when I have to decorate some pumpkins for a variety of places the boys go each week... great ideas!

  3. Love these ideas! I hate to carve pumkins so I will be using some of these cool ideas this year!

  4. new followr of your blog. Love all of these pumpkins! I need to step up our pumpkin decorating for sure! Thanks for the inspiration.


Thanks for the love!