Sunday, October 17, 2010

I featured a round up of terrifying sweet treats earlier in GET YOUR GHOUL ON! MONTH, so today I'm going to share some savory dishes you can serve at a spooky soiree or to celebrate with your little ones.

Let's start with something for the kids.  What child wouldn't love a Ghostly Pizza?

You'll have to fight to keep their hands out of Martha Stewart's Dirt and Worms.

And they'll be all about carving into this Mummy Meatloaf from The Knead for Speed!

These Jack-O-Lantern Sandwiches would be perfect for lunch or brunch.

And so would these Ghosts of Monte Cristo sandwiches from Martha Stewart.

Any sandwich would be that much scarier - oops, I mean tastier - with some Eye-Popping Soup.

Add some Snake Breadsticks for an extra fright!

Martha Stewart has some amazing recipes for a buffet for grown up ghouls.   From Black Bat Wings:

And Spinach Ricotta Skulls:

To Guacamoldy and Creature Chips:

And Ladies Fingers and Men's Toes....

These dishes will leave your guests screaming.... for more!

Images: My Recipes, Martha Stewart, The Knead for Speed & Woman's Day
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