Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can You Spare a Click?

Or two actually.

I'm so honored that AFOMFT is a finalist in the WHO'S WHO FOR 2010 Blog Awards!

AFOMFT is nominated for BEST BABY/KID/FAMILY BLOG along with four other fabulous sites.  If you love AFOMFT, I would really appreciate it if you would click THIS LINK to vote.  There's a list of all of the blogs nominated in five categories that you should totally check out too.  I'm sure you'll find some new favorites.  And guess what?  Everyone who votes is eligible to win prizes too!  Just enter your Twitter ID before you submit your ballot and you'll be entered to win.  If you don't have a Twitter account, just type n/a into that box and your votes will still count.  And that's not all - if AFOMFT wins our category or BLOGGER OF THE YEAR, we'll be giving away our prizes to one of you!

And one more huge favor.  The voting at Top Baby Blogs has reset and we'd love to get AFOMFT into the Top 10 again!  And if we do, we'll have a great giveaway worth more than $200.  To vote, just click the banner below and then the "Cast Your Vote" graphic and you're done.

Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

You can vote for both the WHO'S WHO Blog Awards and Top Baby Blogs once per day per IP address so if you have multiple computers or can vote from your phone, you can tally more than one vote per day.

I know all of this must seem silly but being in the top 10 on Top Baby Blogs and winning Blog Awards helps me draw bigger companies to AFOMFT which means better discounts and giveaways for all of you.  Thanks so much for your continued support!
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  1. I voted for you on Top Baby Blogs, however, the Who's Who link isn't working for me.... it brings me to an error page :/

  2. Nevermind! I navigated my way through and found it :)

  3. I voted on both sites for you!!! -Tiffklin@yahoo.com


Thanks for the love!