Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Shoes Were Made For Buyin' {DISCOUNT}

You've probably read my posts extolling my love for shoes.  Pumps, wedges, peep toes, boots.... I adore them all!  But I have a special place in my heart for fabulous flats, even though it's not easy to find the perfect pair.  Sometimes I feel like the Goldilocks when I'm looking for them - they can't be too pointy and they can't be too stubby.  They have to be just right.  And that's why I usually go for ballet flats - they're classic but the "right" pair has a stylish twist, like the beautiful designs from Luna.

How pretty are they?  I love the cut of the shoes and the contrast stitching gives them a funky flair.  All of the shoes from the London-based Luna are made of recycled and organic materials, and the paints are created from a special blend of flowers and colorful rock dust.  And what colors they get from that concoction!  This Poppy pair would add a fantastic pop of color to any outfit.

And this gorgeous purple with green detailing is to.die.for!

But Luna shoes aren't just pretty.  Each set is custom made with cushioned soles for maximum comfort.  And if that's not just right, I don't know what is!
I didn't think these beautiful ballet flats could get any more perfect, but they can!  Luna is generously offering readers of AFOMFT 50% all orders!   Yes, you read that right - you're going to get half off.  That means each pair will be just $27.50.  Just enter the code AFOMFT at checkout and your discount will be refunded via Paypal when your item is sent out.  If that doesn't give you happy feet, I don't know what will!

Images: Luna
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  1. wow, what a discount! I can't wait to go shopping...I need new flats for the Spring and these are really nice and different.


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