Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling Felty {DISCOUNT}

Life with twins is many things.  Wonderful.  Thrilling.  Chaotic.  Messy.  Very messy.  I'm sure any child creates clutter but with four little hands getting into everything simultaneously, it's hard to keep anything organized.  They grab books, video games, remote controls... pretty much every single thing we have out and anywhere near their reach.  So what to do with the things you need on a daily basis but can't leave out in their sight?  Try these adorable felt bins from Fresh Studio.

These colorful catch alls are perfect for containing the things you need in a stylish way.  I love this His and Hers set for adult stuff.

And the more whimsical designs are adorable for a play room.

All of the bins can be customized in the colors of your choice and you can order them as singles or sets.  You can even get one for man's best friend.

The Fresh Studio felt bins are a great way to hold anything from diapers to DVDs.  And if your little ones do manage to get their grubby hands on one, at least they can't break it.  Felt.  It's the toddler's Kryptonite!

Fresh Studio has generously offered readers of AFOMFT free shipping on all orders!  Just enter the code freeshipAFOMFT at checkout and your shipping costs will be refunded via Paypal when your item is sent out.  Happy organizing!

Images: Fresh Studio
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