Monday, March 1, 2010


So you may have noticed things look a little different here on AFOMFT!  It's been six months since I launched the blog and I decided it was time for a new look.  Thanks to the wonderfully talented Marina of Penny Lane Designs, it's even better than I ever imagined!  I'm still doing some tinkering so bear with me but so far, so good.  And to commemorate our makeover, AFOMFT is going to spend the month of March celebrating all of our fabulous readers because really?  What's a blog without all of you???

I went to a Big East college (go Orange!) so March Madness is in my blood.  Well, I decided to mix it up a bit on AFOMFT and make this month MOM MADNESS instead.

For all of March, I'll be featuring fabulous finds for all of you mamas out there.  From clothes and jewelry to paper goods and pottery, I've got more than 50 amazing items to share.  Plus, we'll be offering at least one giveaway and one discount per day!  So grab our new buttons and get ready to have some fun.  MOM MADNESS MONTH starts right now!
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  1. Yeah, great new look! Oh happy March.

  2. I love it Danielle! I am so glad that you decided to continue with this awesome blog and I am so excited for this month. YAY AFOMFT!!

  3. Love the new format - looks fabulous!

  4. Wow -- I love the new format!!!

  5. I really like it! It seems like the page loads faster for me too!


Thanks for the love!