Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Free Photo Canvas! {FREEBIE}

Remember how I posted about the FREE 8 x 10 photo canvas from Canvas People?  Well, mine arrived earlier this week and it's FABULOUS!  I used this wonderful picture of Gabrielle taken by Melissa of Moments in Time Photography:

And I love love love the result.

The colors are so sharp and vivid.  Here's a close up so you see the grainy canvas texture.

I upgraded to the 11 x 14 size and I'm so glad I did.  It's the perfect size - not too big to hang with other canvases or photos but not too big to display on its own either.  I also ordered an 11 x 14 canvas of Alaina and one of the two of them together so I can hang them as a trio.  Yes, I'm totally copying what Shelly over at How Does She? did!

Do you want your very own FREE 8 x 10 photo canvas (a $55 value)?  Then head on over to Canvas People and start creating.  You'll just have to pay $14.99 for shipping and handling and it's yours. 

If you want to upgrade to a larger size like I did, you can do that too.  An 11 x 14 canvas from  Canvas People is just $9.99, so for $25 shipped, you get what's normally $65 plus shipping.  And if you want to go even bigger or add effects like you see here:

You can do that too.  The $55 credit for the 8x10 canvas will automatically be applied to your order when you click through any link to Canvas People in this post.  Photo canvases make terrific holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

Images: How Does She? & Canvas People
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