Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Photo Canvas - The Perfect Holiday Gift! {FREEBIE & DISCOUNT}

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone in your life?  Well, I've got the solution and guess what?  It's FREE!

That's right, I said free.  For a limited time, Canvas People is offering first time customers a FREE 8x10 canvas (a $55 value)!  Just pay $14.99 for shipping and handling and it's yours.  I got inspired to order one after seeing what Shelly over at How Does She? did with canvases of her three kids.  It doesn't get any cuter than this!

Shelly used 11x14 canvases instead of 8x10 and you can too - to upgrade your freebie from Canvas People to the large size is just $9.99.  So for $25 shipped, you get what's normally $65 plus shipping.  Not too shabby!  And if you want to go even bigger or add effects like you see here:

You can do that too.  The $55 credit for the 8x10 canvas will automatically be applied to your order when you click through any link to Canvas People in this post so you're free to create whatever you want.

And if you've already ordered from Canvas People and want to again, I've got a great deal for you too!

Get $25 off your order and free shipping!  So if you want to design a great canvas gallery like the one Shelly did, this deal will make it that much easier.  Just click this banner to add the credit to your account and get started!

Whether you use your favorite family photo or a piece of your child's artwork:

Printing it on canvas will transform it into a cherished keepsake and Canvas People helps make it affordable.  I can't wait for my print to arrive!

Images: How Does She? & Canvas People
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  1. could the timing be any better!!! thanks mama!

  2. Great timing indeed. Thanks.

  3. I found that if you pick the smaller size and then start to check out, it will ask you if you want to upgrade to the larger size for a cheaper price than they initially list.

    I also found out accidentally that if you use this offer for new customers and pay, if you open up the link again it allows you to do another free canvas for free, paying only shipping. (I'd forgotten that I'd already put my order in and did it a second time a day later. lol!)

  4. I love canvased photos!!! Thanks!

  5. Do you know how long this is good for? I would love to do one of our professional pics but I don't have them back yet
    Thanks AFOMFT!


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