Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Week's Party Peeks


Are you ready to get your party on?  Good, because it's time for AFOMFT'S PARTY PICKS OF THE WEEK!


When I saw this fabulous birthday bash thrown by Debbie of Wants and Wishes over on Celebrations at Home, I was immediately struck by two things - the terrific (and easy to replicate) details and the sassy sense of humor, both of which I really appreciate in a kid's party.  Want to see what I mean about the sense of humor?  Just check out this definition of "Rawr"!

And look at the favor bag toppers - they crack me up!

As for the easy DIY details, Debbie added inexpensive toy dinosaurs to homemade cupcakes:

Gave the birthday hats a dino-spin:

And created a fun dinosaur egg hunt activity by painting mini watermelons (I kid you not):

But I think my favorite part of this party was the Molten Lava Volcano Cakes:

Which had yummy molten chocolate inside!

Find out more about Buzzy's party, and get lots of tutorials, over on Wants and Wishes.


This party is almost a year old but it's one of my all-time favorites so I had to share it.  The Busy Budgeting Mama threw it for her daughter, and certainly lived up to her moniker because with all of the wonderful ideas she pulled together for almost nothing.

Case in point?  The Sweet Shoppe Village she built out of food and grocery boxes:

There was even a supermarket and a dentist's office!

The boutique (yes, there was a boutique!) featured these sweet lace aprons sewn up for the little guests that cost.... wait for it!.... 50 cents each!

She also whipped up all of the felt food in the bakery!

And this adorable felt circle garland?

Was made for $1.50.  Crazy, right?

See the rest of Sophia's super sweet party and how all of these projects were done for so little over on The Busy Budgeting Mama.


Here's what I love most about the birthday party that Rachel from Polkadots and Puppies threw for her son - it was completely designed around on what HE wanted.  When he told his mother "I want to wear pajamas to my party. Oh, and I want to eat pizza and cupcakes too!", she made it happen in the cutest way ever.

From the perfect invitation:

And the fab decor:

To the must-have cupcakes:

And sweet take on pizza:

Everything was perfect!  I adore how the guests decorated chef's hats and made their own pies!

And how fun was the packaging for the favors?

There's lots more of this awesome birthday bash over on Polkadots and Puppies.


This is another oldie but goodie, planned by Kate from Beautiful Day Events for her son, and filled with DIY projects galore.  Paper lanterns were transformed into a solar system:

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  1. it must be a lot of preparation to do, I was thinking of a spider man theme for my son's 4th birthday, I love the chefs hat, I think spider man needs to try this..;-))


  2. Hey girl! Thank you so much for featuring my sweet shoppe party!! I saw some traffic coming to my blog from here and stopped over to check you out. LOVEEE your blog. following. in all ways now. haha. You look so fun. And fyi that fruit pizza made me hungry...oh and i'm glad you shared that dino party because I just asked sophia what her favorite things were (thinking of ideas for her 3rd birthday party in august) and she said pretty dinosaurs....haha. awesome.... great party shares!


  3. I just discovered that you featured our pajama pizzeria party. How sweet of you! Thank you for your kind words :)

    Love and sparkles,



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