Friday, May 20, 2011

My Five Favorite Pins This Week: Memorial Day Edition

It's that time again!  Here are my five favorite Pinterest pins this week (wondering what Pinterest is? Find out here!) and with Memorial Day right around the corner, I hope these picks inspire your holiday weekend entertaining.

#1: You'll probably be busting out the barbecue, so why not try a new twist on an old favorite with one-bite burgers? {Pin via Jamee via Katie Morris from Simple Creative Insanity}

#2: While we're talking hamburgers, bake up the cookie version - they're sure to steal the show! {My pin from Come Together Kids}

#3:  Print your own barbecue signs and you'll be able to use them all summer long. {My pin from Hostess With the Mostess}

#4:  You'll have no problem keeping the kids entertained with a DIY outdoor bowling alley....  {Pin via Sasha Wayas via Pixel Musings from Parents}

#5:  And the adults happy with Strawberry Peach Sangria!{Pin via Nanda Gatley via Sara Manoli from Making Macy}

So there you have my Five Favorite Pins for Memorial Day this week.  If you'd like to check out my boards on Pinterest, you can find them HERE.  If you're already on Pinterest, I'd love to follow you so post a comment here with a link to your boards so I can check them out.  And if you're not already a member and need an invite, post your e-mail address and I'll send you one.

Happy Pinning!
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  1. Pinterest is my new favorite obsession!!! I'm now followinb you on pinterest!

  2. Hi! Can u send me an invite!

  3. Wanted to thank you for the invite a few weeks back. I am obsessed with pinning! Always look forward to see what you found. Thanks again!


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