Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanna Know a Secret? {DISCOUNT}

Psst....  Hey, you!  Yes, you.  I've got a secret that I know you're going to want to hear.   But before I say anything, you have to promise not to tell anyone else.  Do I have your word?  Pinky swear?  All righty then.

Here's the deal.  There's this amazing site that you have to check out.  No, really.  It's like heaven on Earth for fashion lovers.  What's so wonderful about it, you ask?  They carry fabulous clothing at prices those of us with less than fabulous budgets can afford.  Ahhh, so now I've got your attention!  Well, this is sure to keep it.

Is that dress fantastic or what?  No, it's not from Anthropologie.  It's from this site.  And get this - it's only $65 and for just $7.50 more, you can customize the dress to your specifications.  Longer hem, different neckline, cap sleeves - you name it, you can get it!  Just check out all of the different ways this top can be made.

That's really a dream come true for me.  I'm always finding tops that I wish had longer sleeves or dresses I wish were strapless instead of halters.  Well, this site is like having your own personal seamstress to modify clothes so they're just the way you like them.  For less than $10!  Obviously there is a God and she's a stylin' chick.

You know what else is amazing about this site?  All of their designs come in sizes 0-26W and can be tailored to fit beyond that if you provide your measurements.  This allows us to find styles we like, adjust them to our taste and make sure they fit impeccably, all at a reasonable price.  What could be better than that?  Maybe a no hassle, money-back guarantee on your purchases and shipping that arrives at your door within 7 days!  I told you this place was like heaven.

From casual wear:

To dressier pieces:

You'll find something to suit your every need at this great store.  I've ordered from them several times and I can tell you from experience that the quality of the clothing is terrific and their customer service is top notch.  So what's the name of it?  Oh, yeah, I guess that's some information you probably need.  Just promise me one more time you won't tell ANYONE else about it.  Okay, the site, this fashion Mecca, is called eShakti.  Now let's keep it our little secret, shall we?

eShakti has generously offered readers of AFOMFT a 10% discount on all purchases through July 31st.  get their home decorator on by offering a 10% discount on all purchases!  Just enter code babyfaves123 at checkout.  Enjoy!

Images: eShakti
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  1. this is FANTASTIC. i'm crazy tall with long limbs-- this will really come in handy. and my sister (who's equally hard to fit) is going to jump on this. thank you so much!

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