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Whether you have actual multiples or just multiple children, there's one thing that's certain - you have a lot of stuff. You know what I'm talking about - different sippies, snack cups, toys, pacis, etc. for each kid and usually more than one for each.  After a while, keeping track of what belongs to who becomes a nightmare.  So what's a mom to do?

Visit My Two Babes!  Started by Kristin, a mother of twins with a background in graphic design, My Two Babes makes adorable personalized labels that are perfect for keeping all of your stuff straight.  Made from vinyl that's waterproof and dishwasher safe, these labels work on anything from pacifiers:

And snack cups:

To art supplies:

And bottle parts:

You name it, you can label it!

My girls don't go to daycare but they're are always out and about with other children at the playground or the park so not a day goes by where their sippies and snack cups don't end up in someone else's hands, and often, their bags.  I tried writing their initials on things with permanent marker but after a few washes, that description proved to be false - it disappeared!  With labels from My Two Babes, not only will we always know what belongs to us, but I can also tell Gabrielle's sippy from Alaina's.  Finally!

The labels come in various sizes and shapes depending on your needs and you can customize them by choosing from four different fonts and colors.

The Daycare Package is a great value at $9 - you get more than 40 labels in two sizes.

And for my fellow twin mommies, there's a Twin Set too!

I'm sure the day will soon come where Gabrielle and Alaina will want to stick their names on everything but until then, I'll settle for personalizing things myself.  Come to think of it, a set of labels from My Two Babes would make a great gift for mothers and mothers-to-be.  Not only will you be giving something useful but also peace of mind - no more losing pacifiers or sippies at the park or daycare. Not bad for less than $10!

Kristin has generously offered readers of AFOMFT a $1 credit toward any purchase from My Two Babes.  Just enter code FAVORITE in the message to seller box at checkout and the discount will be refunded to you via Paypal. Enjoy!

Images: My Two Babes
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  1. These are the cutest labels... would work wonders in my daycare! I will be going to check them out!

    I came over from the Blogmania blog hop and am now following you.


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