Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY again and today's question comes from Missy in Eugene, Oregon:

Dear AFOMFT, I'm trying to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping and need some help.  I have six nieces and nephews between the ages of 2 and 6.  Every year I stress over what to get them.  I'd like to spend around $25 on each one and get them something similar so they don't fight over who got what.  Any ideas?

I have to admit, this question was a bit of a challenge. My girls just turned one so I'm not "up" on what kids from 2-6 are digging these days but I wasn't going to let that get in my way.  So I went on a hunt for something unique that I could find six of, that would work for boys and girls and that was $25 or less.  And I think I came up with the perfect option - Snuggle Monsters from Chasing My Star.

I love love love these fleece stuffed monsters!  They come in tons of shapes and sizes....

And lots of different colors too.

Each Snuggle Monster has its own story.  This is Ainsley whose favorite activity is jumping on the bed and loves to be a comforting and supportive friend.

Chester is great at keeping scary monsters out of the closet and away from the bed or any other place they might hide.

Patsy loves bright colors and if you don’t watch out she might just grab your markers and color all over the walls!

And Boris is an excellent cuddler who'd make the perfect companion for someone who wants a buddy to stick by their side all the time.

And how cute is this?  Chasing My Star sends each Snuggle Monster with an official Monster Birth Certificate & personalized Biography card.

You can specify details like the monster’s birthday, full name, nickname and gender if you want, or you can opt to be surprised instead.

I really think Snuggle Monsters from Chasing My Star are fantastic holiday gifts.  You can pick different sizes, colors and genders to create the right match for each child on your list and I have no doubt they'll love reading their monster's bio and learning more about their new friends.  And best of all, prices start at just $10 so not only are they adorable, but they're affordable too!

Now I know what I'm getting for my niece and nephew - I hope I've helped you find the perfect presents for yours too, Missy!

Want a Snuggle Monster for a little monster in your life?  Chasing My Star is offering AFOMFT readers 10% off all purchases!  Just enter "FAVTHINGS" in the message to seller box and the discount will be refunded to you after you check out.  Please note that this coupon code does not apply to shipping costs.

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Images: Chasing My Star
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  1. Thanks for the fabulous post about my monsters!

  2. I love those monsters!!!!!!!!!!
    ill need to get a couple for the boys!


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