Monday, November 2, 2009

CRAFTASTIC: Halloween Candy Calendar

We interrupt the regularly scheduled MULTIPLES MONDAY post to bring you a very important CRAFTASTIC idea!  Hopefully your little ones scored lots of loot trick or treating this weekend.  But now you're probably wondering what to do with all of it.  Your kids can't consume it all without going into sugar shock and while you might be up for helping out, your inner fitness freak is begging you not to.  Luckily, Brenda over at Once Upon a Holiday has a fantastic solution that will make your children and your waistline happy - use it to create a candy calendar!

Once Upon a Holiday designed this as an Advent calendar but whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is a great project for re-purposing Halloween candy.  You can countdown to Thanksgiving, to Hanukkah, to Christmas, to New Year's or just until the end of November.  No matter what end date you choose, you'll be able to dole out your excess candy one day at a time.

The instructions are simple.  Get enough cups for the days of your countdown, attach them with brads or glue to a piece of cardboard covered in paper and put candy in each one. 

Write the month on top of the backer board, then apply some glue around the top edge of each cup and cover with squares of tissue paper with the dates stamped or written on them.

All done!  Now hang your candy calendar on the wall high enough to keep it away from any potential cheaters.  Then take it down once a day so your little one can "pop" the date and get a treat.

Now you've got your Halloween candy taken care of but you better get started on that holiday shopping.  Time flies so much faster when there's candy involved!  Get the full how to at Once Upon a Holiday.

Images: Once Upon a Holiday
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  1. What a great idea!! I'm keeping this one for later. thank you.


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