Monday, November 9, 2009

MULTIPLES MONDAY: A Little Humor Never Hurt Anyone {DISCOUNT}

It's MULTIPLES MONDAY again and today I'm excited about featuring a store that was brought to my attention by a MoM and is run by a twin.  Rhoadworks not only creates really fun onesies and tees, but they're amazingly affordable too - as in none-of-the-designs-is-more-than-$10 affordable.  I bet that caught your attention!

I also really like that Rhoadworks doesn't take kid's clothing too seriously.  Their shirts have some sass to them!  Since the store owner is a multiple herself, Rhoadworks has some adorable twin-themed sets.  I really like the Twin One/Twin Two set which you can get in pink or blue.

And the "Yes! I'm a Twin" duo is perfect for MoMs like me with fraternal twins who look nothing alike.


But Rhoadworks has lots of great options for non-multiples too.  I love the geek chic designs like the Future Hogwarts Alumni onesie:

And the Trekkie tee:


Remember when I mentioned sass?  Giving one these onesies will really get you some attention at a baby shower:


Whether it's a shower or newborn gift or a little something for your little one, Rhoadworks has something for everyone.  Something funky and fun for $10 or less can't be beat!

At these prices, Rhoadworks tees and onesies are definitely going on the AFOMFT Holiday Must Have List. And the deal is about to get even sweeter.

Rhoadworks has generously offered all reader of AFOMFT free shipping on all purchases!  Just mention you this blog in the message to seller box when you check out and all charges will be waived.  Happy shopping!

Images: Rhoadworks
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