Thursday, July 28, 2011

ANYTHING GOES THURSDAY: Wondering About Wallpaper

It's ANYTHING GOES THURSDAY again and after 20 Ways To Make S'Mores and 20 More Ways to Make S'mores, I thought another s'mores round up might be a little much, but if you want to see some more great s'mores ideas, like these S'mores Rice Krispie Treats:

Be sure to visit my More S'mores Board on Pinterest.

I posted on Tuesday about the Island Ikat paper from Thibault that I'm considering for our powder room.

A bunch of you e-mailed me to say how much you liked it, but I'm not 100% sold yet so I thought I'd share the other options I'm considering to see which you all like best.  Here's the powder room now:

Ignore the light fixture and mirror - they're both being replaced.

Pretty standard stuff, right?

Here's the deal.  The powder room is the only bathroom on the main floor of our new house, so it's the one all of our guests will use and will also get a lot of use from us too.  The other thing about this space is that it's close to the front door so the wallpaper will be one of the first things people see when they walk in so I want it to pop.  A poppy bathroom.  Bet you don't hear that very often, huh?

So back to the Ikat wallpaper.  I think it's so purdy.

But while I love it now, I'm wondering if it will seem too trendy in a year or two.  Another option I'm considering is this gorgeous trellis design from York.

And as much as I like the pink, I'd probably go for this kelly green version instead.

It reminds me a lot of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis pattern, which looks so fab in this bathroom.

But again, I wonder if the trellis will seem too trendy down the line.

I'm also really drawn to this Thibault paper called English Crewel.

I think it's more classic and even though it's a little more feminine, pairing it with Graham & Brown's beadboard paper might lessen the girliness.

What is beadboard wallpaper you ask?  It's an easy to apply and totally economical version of beadboard that Rhoda from Southern Hospitality has me totally into!  I think it would look terrific on the bottom half of the powder room walls with one of the other papers above it.

If I go with the half beadboard, this graphic fauna print from Jane Churchill might be fun.

So if you were me, which would you choose?  And would you go with the beadboard too or just the patterned paper?  Too many decisions!

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  1. I love the kelly green trellis pattern, but I think you're right about maybe regretting it down the line? I would be afraid to use it for that reason too. My favorite is probably the Jane Churchill pattern. Good luck!

  2. I'm actually a registered Interior Designer and would love to help you via email. However what you select depends on the style of the rest of your home. The styles you show are very different from one another (from girly, to trendy, and graphic), thus I can get a feel for what you like, but it's hard to advise without knowing what style is in your home that you need to already work with. Remember it needs to flow. It doesn't all have to match or coordinate persay, but flow well. I hope that helps somewhat. As I said I'd love to help.

  3. You picked out some great inspiration paper! Some a little more 'trendy' that others- I would pick one that you could live with for years :)
    Coley at

  4. I love the York and the Churchill. NICE choices!

  5. Nope, I am still sticking with the Thibaut - Island ikat. Love it, inspired by it so much, I am going to go to the paint store (where its sold in the Pacific NW) to see it in person - i am loving the beige & grey for my powder bath.

    Karla has a great point! Think that's why I am drawn to the original one you picked, it has a feel like our formal living room....

    Ok so next post - are you going to install it yoruself? I think I have to hire someone, I have never done wallpaper before & this is unpasted (like i can even fake knowing what that would actually mean for me!) :) :)

    best of luck!!


Thanks for the love!