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In last week's PINSPIRATION SATURDAY post, I mentioned that we're hoping to be in our new house in about a month.  I spend a lot of my time these days picking finishes, hardware, paint colors, floor stains and more, and while it's a lot of fun, it's also a little stressful.  What if I pick the wrong thing?  What if I don't like my choice in six months?  Is this tile too trendy?  This wallpaper too grandma?  Will it all go together?  Without look too matchy matchy?  As you can tell, I'm taking these decisions very seriously!

The girls' room will be one of the biggest challenges since we'll be decorating from scratch now that they've kind of outgrown everything from their old nursery and their space in the house is a lot bigger than it was in our condo in New York City (yay for the 'burbs!).  So of course I've been pinning ideas like crazy for inspiration.  Here's a look at a few of my favorite finds:

I love everything about this room by Palmer Weiss, featured in Lonny.  Everything.

This bed by the Project Nursery team is beyond swoon-worthy
My pin from Project Nursery

This is almost the exact color I picked for their room.  
The contrast with the white moulding is so pretty!
Pin from via RubyJu

Can you tell I have a thing for patterned headboards?  I think they look great in pairs too.
My pin from Decor Pad

I adore the hot pink dresser and the bold mix of patterns and colors in this space.
My pin from Decor Pad

How great are these refinished nightstands?
Some furniture re-purposing is definitely on the horizon for us!
Pin from Natty By Design via Cheryl at Tidy Mom

This is such a great example of how to mix patterns and create a room little girls can grow into.
My pin from Effortless Style

Could you just die from the cuteness?  Gabrielle and Alaina's room just got painted and I chose the fabrics I want to use in it last week so I'll post some sneak peeks very soon.  In the meantime, tell me - what does your little girl's room look like?

For more kid's room projects and ideas, follow my Decor for the Kiddos board on Pinterest, and if you're on Pinterest, post a link to your profile or your user name so I can follow you too!

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  1. The last bed: the little girl faces pillows. WHERE?!?!?!


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