Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DEAL ALERT: 11 x 14 Glass Photos for just $12!

You may remember my recent obsession with canvas wrapped photos.  Well, I've got a new photo fascination for 2011 - pictures printed on glass! 

I saw one of these in person and was totally intrigued so when Eversave offered a Fracture Save this week, I had to buy it.  Fracture is a site that prints your pictures directly onto glass, so essentially you get a frame and photo all in one.  But the best part is how low-profile the Fracture is.

Cool, right?  And get this - the edges are ground down so they're not sharp, the glass is laminated to make it  shatter-proof and because the picture is printed on the back of the glass, the image will never fade and it's scratch-proof.  And just in case, each Fracture comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Awesomesauce!

Besides the sleek look of the Fracture, I also love the price.  You can get a 5x7 for $8 and an 11 x 14 for just $25!  Compared to how much the canvas wraps cost, these are a bargain.

And here's where the deal gets even sweeter.  Buy the Eversave Fracture Save and you'll get a $25 credit for just $12!  I bought three of them (the max they'd let me!) and I can't wait to put together a gallery of pictures of the girls.  Maybe I'll even add in some of their artwork, too.  How fun would that look printed on a Fracture? 

But hurry - the Eversave Fracture Save deal ends tonight at midnight CST!  And here's one more perk for you - if you refer friends to sign up for Eversave, you'll earn $12 in Save Rewards for every first-time buyer who uses your link.  That means you could get an 11 x 14 Fracture for free.  Not too shabby!   
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  1. I love this idea and am ordering them for gifts this weekend.
    Thank you so much!


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