Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Freebie Festival: Day 8 {FREEBIES}

Today's pick from our VALENTINE FREEBIE FESTIVAL comes from one of my favorite blogs, Mer Mag.  As a mother of two boys, Merrilee came up with this dude-friendly twist on traditional valentines.

Shiver me timbers!  Those are fun!

Just download the boy or girl pirates and add your favorite pirate saying.  Merrilee's boys went with "You're grrreat!" but "Be Me Matey" might be cute too.

You can then stitch heart-shaped felt eye patches on or, for those of you who are sewing-machine-deficient like I am, you could glue them on - or draw some - instead.

And if you want to, add some candy on the back too!

Download the Pirate Valentines here at Mer Mag and if you have a free Valentine's printable you'd like to share, enter it into the link up below!

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  1. Just saw this tweet, and I LOVE the pirates... perfect for my kids to give to their friends!

  2. Sooooo great pulling all of these wonderful, creative freebies in to one place. My kids, my friends and I are having a great time making so many of these projects!

  3. You were featured today over at Today's Top 20!


  4. Didn't mean to post my Table Runner into the wrong party! Please delete. I had too many windows open...and it's late...:) LOVE those pirate ones. I might have to give those to my kindergarten class this year. ;) Again, sorry about the posting mishap...


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