Monday, April 26, 2010

Light My Fire {DISCOUNT}

Since having my girls, I've been trying to build traditions around holidays and events in their lives.  I've come up with some fun ones so far but I was stumped about what to incorporate into their birthday each year.  Then I came across 3 Wishes Candles and I knew I'd found just the thing.

Aren't they fun?  3 Wishes Candles are hand-crafted non-illuminating decorations you can use at celebrations year in and year out.  And as the moms behind them explain, "Although they're sure to warm hearts, they won't burn tiny fingers."  The candles come in lots of colors and sizes, too, from the table top ones above to these four foot tall pillars that are perfect for outdoor festivities.

3 Wishes Candles would be terrific to decorate baby shower and then give to the mom-to-be to use for her little one's birthday celebrations in the years to come.

Or you can buy a set for the holidays instead.

I can't wait to get a set of 3 Wishes Candles for the girls' second birthday party.  If their smiles are half as big as this:

I'll be one satisfied customer.

And something that's sure to satisfy you is this great deal - the lovely ladies behind 3 Wishes Candles will give readers of AFOMFT 50% off a second candle when you buy one full price.  That's right - buy one and get one for half off.  Just enter AFOMFT in the message to seller box when you check out and the discount will be refunded to you via Paypal.  Happy shopping!

Images: 3 Wishes Candles
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  1. Really cute. You should probably delete the "comment" above. I'm sure it's not family appropriate. Anyway, I was going to say it would be great for an "eternal flame" in your home as well.


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