Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's cold and snowy and dreary outside my window today so I'm dreaming of springtime and color and sunshine.  Good thing it's Thursday so I can that inspiration for another set of FIVE FAST FAVES, my round up of grown up goodies I'm loving this week!


1.  Sassy Striped Trench from Target
On a gray day like today, the idea of wearing this lovely lemon-y trench makes me smile.  I need this.  Stat!

2.  Ruffled Dot Print Tunic  from eShakti
Love the clothes from Anthropologie but not the prices? Then eShakti is the sit for you!  You'll find adorable clothes like this tunic for a fraction of what you would at Anthro.  Another plus?  You can customize the neckline, sleeve type and tunic length to your exact specifications.  If that's not heaven, I don't know what is!

3.  Rainbow Ball Necklace by Tefi
This fabulous felt ball necklace is a great way to pop some color into any outfit and therefore, the perfect accessory for spring.  That is all. 

4.  Flower Flat Sandals by Madden Girl at Victoria's Secret
I can picture wearing these fabulous flower-adorned sandals with just about everything I own this summer.  And you can never be in a bad mood when you're wearing flowers on your feet!


5.  Pink Floral Pillow Covers by Marie's Cosy Cushions
These pillow covers don't match a thing in my apartment but they're just so darn pretty!  Maybe I can make them work at my office....

So those are the colorful things I'm loving right now.  What about you?  Post a comment telling me what glorious goodies you've got your eye on this week! 
Images: Target, Purl Soho, Tefi, Victoria's Secret & Marie's Cosy Cushions
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  1. You hit my "must have" button. I am ordering the pillow covers.

  2. I love "Five, Fast, Favs". It always sends me "window" shopping!


Thanks for the love!