Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Better in Bulk is a blog written by a stay-at-home mom with five children named "Lolli."  The tagline for the site is "Kids, photography, blogging and candy are all better in bulk."  I couldn't agree more!

Better in Bulk

In keeping with the bulk theme, Lolli refers to her family members on the blog by candy nicknames - Lolli  (short for Lollipop) is married to CandyMan, and they have three daughters  - KitKat, Necco and Reese - and two sons - Twizzler and AJ (short for Almond Joy).  She writes about motherhood, shares wonderful family recipes and hosts great giveaways.  But my favorite part of Better in Bulk is the terrific photography tutorials.

Bloggography at Better in Bulk

Bloggography is run by Lolli and Beth from Manic Mother, and together, they walk novice DSLR owners like me through everything from ISO and shutter speed to aperture and megapixels on both Canon and Nikon cameras.  And each week's lesson comes with a photo challenge where you can put your new knowledge to the test.  If you're anything like me and have been shooting blindly with your DSLR, check out the Bloggography tutorials.  I'm already seeing an improvement in my pictures after just a few lessons.  Guess photography is Better in Bulk!

Images: Better in Bulk
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  1. Wow, what a fun blog!! I just added it to my favorites...I can't wait to read their tutorials.

  2. What a fun surprise! Thanks so much for the feature on your blog!! I am happy that my tutorials are helping. I love doing them! And I love the people I connect with on my blog. It's so cool!


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