Monday, April 19, 2010

More Garden Party Goodness! {GIVEAWAYS}

I posted last week about some great garden party ideas and shared this fun flower favor craft over the weekend, but here are a few more suggestions for throwing a little girl's dream party!

First off, let's talk about the food.  You can transform ordinary sandwiches into treats fit for a garden fairy in one simple step - just use flower shaped cookie cutters to cut them out.  This set from R&M, which can be found on Amazon, has a few different sizes:

Also think about how you're presenting what you're serving.  For Gabrielle & Alaina's first birthday, we put the crudités platter into a rustic looking crate to give it more of a garden feel.

You could also make sun flower fruit and veggie plates for the kids like there {get the fruit plate how to here and the veggie plate how to here}

Now onto the sweets!  There are so many adorable ways to incorporate flowers and blooms through cupcakes and cakes.  Look at these fabulous lollipop cupcakes from Martha Stewart! {find the recipe and how to here}

I also adore this flower power tower she put together. {get the recipe here}  And look!  It's topped off with a teapot filled with flower lollipops like the ones I posted this weekend.

These funky flower cupcakes are super sweet too. {get the how to here}

How cute would it be to combine some of the flower-themed cupcakes with these fantastic bugs? {go here for the recipe & instructions}

 And who can resist adding in a few with worms? {the recipe can be found here}

If you'd rather have a cake, or want one in additional to the cupcakes, this is a fabulous twist on the typical flower or butterfly adorned confection. {the instructions & recipe can be found here}

Or create a cake decorated with cupcakes! {the how to is here}

You can even build an edible garden topped off with gumdrop flowers! {the tutorial is here}

Now what about decorations?  Tissue pom poms are always a popular choice and are so easy to make {here's Martha's Stewart's tutorial}.  For Gabrielle and Alaina's party, we had an assortment in multiple colors.

I will admit that making the pom poms can be time consuming.  Luckily, there are some great sellers, like Prost to the Host, who sell them for just about the same amount you'd spend on the supplies, maybe even less.  Plus, they have lots of different colors and types to choose from.

You can even get smaller versions, called napkin poms.

When they're all lined up, they look exactly like flowers!

I also love the combination of pom poms with paper lanterns, like these from Creative Hostess.

And Family Fun has instructions on to make multi-color giant tissue flowers that you can mount on sticks and use as favors or decorations.

 Another fun idea is to string balloon flowers to create a festive garland. {get the step-by-step instructions here}

And if your party is going to be outside, these DIY plastic posies are super cute. {find the instructions from Family Fun here}

Want to decorate with real flowers?  Check out this simple idea from Hostess With the Mostess - just paint some old coffee cans and fill with some pretty blossoms.

Now on to favors.  Want to wrap a little trinket to look like these beautiful blooms? Learn how here.

You can also fill colorful buckets with lollipop flowers like the ones I featured this weekend.

Or make these sweet butterfly bags. {here's the tutorial}

And last but not least, here are some fun flower themed crafts and games your garden party guests might enjoy.  These glossy blossoms are made from magazines and would be adorable decorations too. {here's the how to}

Party goers of all ages can make one of these cute thumbprint flower tees. {find the tutorial here}

And older kids will love creating a beautiful bloom made from buttons! {get the DIY instructions at American Crafts Studio}

There you have it - all things flower power!  Don't forget to enter our great giveaway from Cupcakes 'n Confetti for the chance to win a dozen custom garden party cupcake toppers or invitations like these:

And that's not all - you can score five tissue pom poms from Prost to the Host right here!   

Images: Family Fun, Martha Stewart, Prost to the Host, Creative Hostess, Hostess with the Mostess, American Crafts Studio & Cupcakes 'n Confetti
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