Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Jenni, twin mama extraordinaire from The Foster Family Blog, puts together a WISH LIST WEDNESDAY link up and I decided to jump in on the fun.  Since summer is just a few weeks away, I picked a few goodies that would help make the perfect warm day.

First, something for Gabrielle and Alaina to enjoy - a super cute BBQ table from Land of Nod

They're obsessed with their play kitchen so I know they'd go nuts for this too. 

And when the girls are done grilling, they can give the Sprinkles Tide Pool a whirl:

It's the perfect size for our terrace (how posh will Gabrielle & Alaina be having their own "pool" in New York City?) and I know the spray fountains will keep them occupied for hours.

While the girls are busy splashing away, I'll be lounging with a magazine, sipping an Arnold Palmer (I always want to call it a Tom Arnold.  Oops!) in this adorable Crinkle dress I've had my eye on from Boden.

It would look perfect with these Tory Burch sandals that have been calling my name.

And after the girls conk out from all that pool time, I'll slip out of the flats and into these fab Steve Madden Daynty clogs for a night out.

So that's what on my wish list this Wednesday.  How about yours? 

Images: Land of Nod,, Boden, Tory Burch & Steve Madden
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  1. I didnt realize you were a NY'er. I live in Queens. but no terrace. we will be doing the water fountains at the parks all summer :)

  2. I <3 Land of Nod.... that bbq is adorable

  3. I just found you from A Tale of Two Chickens. I am also a Twin Mama and I love your blog....Feel free to stop by and say hi over on mine if you get the chance!

    Take Care,


  4. I love that BBQ, very cute :)


Thanks for the love!