Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Update

After two months of themed blogging - first MOM MADNESS MONTH in March followed by PARTY PALOOZA in April - I'm back to the regular schedule here at AFOMFT!  But since I've gotten such great feedback on featuring fabulous parties and wonderful products for moms, I'm going to integrate both of those topics into the regular rotation. Stay tuned for more goodies to come later this week!

I also owe all of you loyal readers an apology.  Something screwy is going on with the posts I put together to announce the PARTY PALOOZA winners and they seem to permanently scheduled and not posting.  I copy and paste that code and replace the pictures so there must be something funky going on with it.  I'll get it fixed tonight and all of those winners will be announced tomorrow.  In the meantime, the winners of the Mother's Day giveaways are listed below.  Thanks for your patience.
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