My name is Danielle and I recently location from New York City to Rhode Island with my husband and twin girls, Gabrielle and Alaina.  Here I am with my little ladies.

By day, I'm a television producer, but I've always had a passion for hunting down unique products and great deals.  For the longest time it was for things I wanted - shoes, handbags, and things like that - but now, I'm constantly on the hunt for goodies for Gabrielle, Alaina and my friends' children. A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS was born when I thought others might want to read about the some of the fun finds I come across.

My goal is for AFOMFT to be a place you can trust for honest opinions on products you and your children may enjoy.  As such, AFOMFT does not accept paid product placement and almost all of the items you see featured on the site I've either purchased for myself or my girls or given as gifts.  Occasionally, I will receive a product to review and I will always disclose when that is the case.  By no means are products submitted to AFOMFT guaranteed a positive review and if I am not satisfied that the item reflects my standards, I will not include it on the blog.  Additionally, I often turn down review products (even thought they're free) if I don't think they fit with the site.  You won't see me reviewing random DVDs or fiber gummies or anything like that.  I want the readers here to know that I stand behind what I post and if you receive or purchase an item you've seen featured on AFOMFT and are not happy with it, please let me know.  I work extremely hard to establish relationships with the best companies I can in order to bring you wonderful giveaways and discounts but I don't ever want to promote something that my readers have had issues with.  

I hope you enjoy what you find here at AFOMFT and if you ever have questions, problems, comments or just want to say hi, you can e-mail me at afomft@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!