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It's October and you know what that means - baseball playoff time!  So I think this week's YOU TAKE OVER TUESDAY e-mail is especially appropriate.  Here's what Stacy from Upstate New York asked:

Dear AFOMFT, We're currently setting up and decorating a room for our 1 year old, Ryan.  My husband is a huge Yankees fan and he's getting his wish, a New York Yankees/baseball themed room for his son.  I'm searching for a small Yankee lamp, small throw rug, and maybe things like pennants, or pictures of the new stadium, etc.  I'd also be interested in anything baseball-related that would hold up through the years and not always look like it belongs in a little kid's room.  

Being a Yankees fan myself (sorry Red Soxers!), I was super excited when I got Stacy's e-mail.  I think sports-themed nurseries can be really fun and with the right decor, they transition well into "big-boy" rooms.  After a few e-mails back and forth, I learned that Ryan's room will be blue on the bottom and white on top with this Yankees border separating the two colors:

Because it's the place I think you can make the biggest impact, I focused on finding some great decorations for the walls.  Using the wall colors Stacy mentioned and the border as a guide, here are some great Yankees and baseball themed items that are appropriate for a 1 year old and will also work as Ryan grows up. 

Even with a border running around the room, it's nice to have some sort of accent piece over the dresser or the bed.  I think this "Swing For the Fences" wall decal from Wallspoken would be perfect for that:

The decal comes in 30 different colors and I would choose red to coordinate with the border.  You can apply it directly to the wall or for extra oomph, paint a canvas and stick it to that like we mentioned in the Decal Do Over post.  Either way, I think this inspirational saying will make a huge impact for less than $15.

Another great wall decal option is this 5 foot high Baseball Growth Chart from ten23designs:

What a great way to keep track of Ryan's journey from Lil' Slugger to the Big Leagues over the years!

Yes, wall decals are one of my favorite ways to decorate a room but I'm also a huge fan of wall plaques.  We have one in Gabrielle and Alaina's nursery and I think they add a homey feel to any space.  I'm sure Stacy's little All Star would love this one from TW Creations:

This classic baseball saying from Curvednoodle is less than $10


And along with the super cute Little Slugger sign from Cottage Sign Shoppe, I also had to give Stacy another option for her Bronx Bomber-loving hubby:


Another fun piece is I also really like this adorable Baseball Rack from Innovation87 which can hold towels or coats for Ryan now and his backpacks and sports gear when he's older:

Last, but not least, here are some ideas for framed artwork.  These gorgeous photographs will be keepsakes that Ryan can hang in his bedroom, playroom or even his dorm room as he grows older.

I just love these three 8x10 prints from Talicrue of the new Yankees stadium:

I would order all three (hello, they're only $10 each!) and get three inexpensive wood frames like the Rams from Ikea ($3.99 each):

Then I would spray paint the frames with a bright glossy red paint and mount the prints with white mattes like Antonio Bellatore from HGTV did here:

For less than $50, you'll have a stunning art installation of a place that means a lot to your family.  The trio will tie in well with Ryan's Yankees border but there's nothing babyish about it.

I may have saved the best for last.  This "B is For Baseball" print from MKCPhotography is my personal favorite of everything I found.  I just love the funky, modern vibe and it's also an 8x10 so you could either pair it with the Yankees Stadium prints or hang it on its own.  MKCPhotography can also print all of their designs on canvases which would truly be something special for little Ryan.

So there you have it!  Stacy, I hope that you've found something (or hopefully some things) that you think will work for Ryan's room from this list.  And to get you started decorating, AFOMFT would like to give you any one of the items listed above as a gift.  Just shoot me an e-mail and let me know which one you want!

But that's not all I'm giving out.  We've got discounts and giveaways galore for you too!  To keep things from getting too confusing, I'm going to list all of the discounts here and you'll see two separate posts below this one for the giveaways.  Be sure to enter!

To receive any of the discounts listed below, please enter the specified code in the message to seller box when you check out and the discounted amount will be refunded to you via Paypal.  Please note that the discounts do not apply to shipping costs.

Get 5% off of the Little Slugger, Yankees or any other plaque from Cottage Sign Shoppe using code FAVORITES.

Get 10% off of the Baseball Rack from Innovation87 using code FAVORITES.  Don't like the natural wood?  It comes in a bunch of other colors too!

Buy the "Swing for the Fences" wall decal or any other from Wallspoken and get 10% off using code AFOMFT.

Happy shopping!

Images: Wallspoken, ten23designs, TW Creations, Curvednoodle, Cottage Sign Shoppe, Innovation87, Talicrue, Ikea, HGTV, MKCPhotography
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  1. Great post, especially since we are big Yanks fans here!

  2. Red Sox fan here, but I can certainly appreciate a really great post!! Put all those ideas together and that nursery would rival anything done by professionals. What an amazing resource you are!!!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring "B is for Baseball" here! Remember folks, if can be yours if you enter to win - check out the giveaway following this post :-D

  4. I LOVE the stuff!! Too bad you are a Yankees fan though =) We are 100% RED SOX FANS in our house. That's why we'd love to win the red "B is for Baseball" print. I'd give it to my two boys for their big boy room. Addison would be fine with it, too but we were thinking of doing a baseball themed room anyways so this is perfect.

  5. Love this stuff D! Our nursery is vintage baseball themed. We have some awesome things up, but I may add a couple more now!

  6. And I forgot to say.. I would LOVE a wall decal from Wallspoken!!

  7. you guys should check out what Jenn Sieb's hubby made - http://justinandjennsieb.blogspot.com/2009/09/crafty-husband.html - it would be perfect in that room!!!


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