Tuesday, April 3, 2012


With Easter just a few days away, today I'm sharing a round up of bunny-licious ideas I'm loving right now!

Egg Hunt Idea I'm Loving:  Looking for fun twist on the traditional Easter activity?  Mommy Savers shows you how to add some glow to the goodie hunt!

Easter Breakfast I'm Loving:  Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons has the sweetest idea for kicking off the morning - Peeping Pancakes!  

Easter Meal Idea I'm Loving:  Give your table some Easter flair by letting the kiddos decorate wooden cutlery.  {via Kidspot}

Easter Decorating Idea I'm Loving:  Making an Easter egg garland is as simple as can be when you buy the cheapie plastic eggs that already come with holes in them!  Honey & Fitz has the full how-to.

Super Simple Easter Treat I'm Loving:  Take a page from Brown Paper Packages - mix some chocolate eggs, pretzels and marshmallows in a bag, add a "Bunny Bait" tag and you've got an easy goodie for your kiddos or their classmates.

Easter Surprise I'm Loving, Part 1:  These bunnies are super cute but your kids will love unravelling them to reveal the goodies hidden inside!  Find out how to make your own over at Martha Stewart.  

Easter Cupcakes/Cookies I'm Loving:  I adore this super sweet idea from The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle!  By adding ear-shaped cookies to vanilla frosted cupcakes, she's created the cutest bunnies ever.  And how fun is the cotton tail booty?

Peeps I'm Loving, Part 2:  I detest Peeps.  I don't know why - I just do.  But this cookie version of the Easter staple from Love From the Oven just might change my mind.

Easter Props I'm Loving:  Looking for a way to entrain your little ones on Sunday?  Just print out these bunny props from Frog Prince Paperie and they'll be hopping around for hours.  

Easter Craft I'm Loving, Part 1:  After you've dyed all the eggs in the house, try this fun project from Meet the Dubiens.

Easter Craft I'm Loving, Part 2:  Does it get any cuter than this yarn egg chick from Be a Fun Mum?  I think not.

So there you have some of my favorite Easter ideas.  For more fun finds, visit my Easter Goodies Pinterest Board.

And I'd love to hear about the things you're loving right now!  Share the app, movie, book, craft idea, TV show, whatever that's got you giddy in the comments and your picks might be included in next week's TEN ON TUESDAY feature.  And for more of my favorite things, check out my Pinterest boards!

Please note that this list is made up of things I actually use, read, watch, try, etc. and truly enjoy.  These opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way to share them here.
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