Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today's favorite website is Crafty Nest, a great source for inexpensive projects geared toward feathering your nest.  Once you start browsing through the tutorials, I guarantee you'll be hooked.  I love the site's more kid-oriented crafts like this fabulous repurposed bulletin board:

Can you believe it used to be this ugly $9 plastic mirror?

I adore this stenciled dresser and want to attempt to make something like it when Gabrielle & Alaina graduate to their "big girl" room.

And how sweet are these fabric silhouettes?

They'd look great in a little girl's room and would also make terrific holiday gifts!

Speaking of, these framed doilies are simple, inexpensive to make and would be perfect presents too.

And if you need an easy holiday project for your kids, check out these craft stick snowflakes.

Such a fun and creative way for your little ones to get into the holiday spirit! 

Like what you see?  There's lots more where these came from.  Head on over to Crafty Nest for fantastic (and cheap!) projects as well as the full instructions for all of the ones you see here.  And if you do one of these at home, be sure to send in a picture so we can feature your handiwork on AFOMFT!

Images: Crafty Nest
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